About Vince

I design, make art and write things in the pursuit to spark conversation, inspire and delight people all around the world.

  Photo by Shaunte Glover

Photo by Shaunte Glover

I design logos, visual branding elements, strategize interfaces for websites and digital products, create graphics for digital marketing campaigns and digital products, as well as draw and letter for publications, murals and custom artwork.

While I apply my passion to a variety of things (listed above) there is a unifying thread, the pursuit of the communication of information, ideas and points of view in the simpilest and most visually appealing way possible.

I have a geekish love for typography and political cartoons along with clever design that is strategic in it’s simplicity and it’s mission.


Who I Work With

I’ve worked with a variety of entrepreneurs and teams throughout my freelancing years. I work with agencies, publications and small businesses who serve creative companies, other publications, writers, artists, actors, marketers, strategists, researchers, product creators, engineers, advocates and teachers, among others.

In the current and past I’ve worked with design, development and marketing teams at AKOS, Jennifer Kem and Wired PR Group for clients like Odysea Aquarium, Heckler Design, Caring for Canines, Code Technology, Motivating the Masses, Lead MD, Allbound and more.


Don’t take my word for it...

Nice words from teams and clients:

His clean aesthetic and understanding of what my clients need to attract their own ideal clients is why I keep going back to his company time and time again.
— Jennifer Kem, CEO of KemComm and creator of Master Brand
When it comes to articulating a visual brand from scratch, we want Vince every time.
— Andrew Ledell, Chief Geek at TruthHacking

Frequently Imagined Questions

What types of clients do you work with?

I work with small and medium size businesses, print and online publications, creative and tech agencies and studios. I also work with individuals or personal brands.

Do you work on retainer?

I do, but only with creative agencies and studios.

What are your prices?

Pricing is an equation that depends heavily on what service(s) you need, the timeline for delivery and the size of the project. Please get in touch with me so I can get you an accurate quote based on your needs.

I'm not sure what I need. Where should I start? 

Don't worry if you're not totally sure where to begin. Just send me a message and we can go from there.

What are your directions for re-publishing and sharing your work?

If you like something I’ve designed or drawn, feel free to share it! No permission is needed, go right ahead and share it. The only thing I ask is that you mention my name (Vince Baarson) and link back to my website baarson.com.

Who has influenced your design style?

I’ve been influenced by Mossimo Vignelli for his simplicity, Saul Bass for his illustrative style, Franz Klien for his expressive line, Andy Warhol for his graphic style

Why freelance when you can work in house at an agency?

Entrepreneurial tendency runs in my blood and as soon as I committed to freelancing and put it out there, my opportunities began to flourish. That was in 2012, and I haven’t really looked back.


Other Factoids

Born: November 3, 1986 in Renton Washington

Places Lived: Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ (Current)

Formal Education: AS in Graphic Design and BS in Web/Interactive at The Art Institute of California - Hollywood


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