Design Advice:

Actionable branding and website design advice for creative professionals and their business.

Do you need specific design advice? Are you not sure where to begin when it comes to design for your venture? I can advise on your branding, your website, your social/digital marketing campaign, your email marketing funnel, even your digital product concept. Consultations last for 45 minutes via phone, or skype and are jam packed.

“His clean aesthetic and understanding of what my clients need to attract their own ideal clients is why I keep going back to his company time and time again.”

Jennifer Kem, CEO of KemComm and creator of Master Brand

What you’ll get during the design consultation:

8 Years of Design Experience. I may not know everything, but I know some things. I’ll use the knowledge I’ve learned from working with branding, web and marketing teams with and for the likes of Lisa Nichols (Motivating the Masses), Jennifer Kem (Master Brand), Wired PR Group and many more.

Honesty. I’m going to be honest and that’s a good thing. You may not like everything I have to say or suggest. But I’m going to give you what I feel can work for you, for your business, for your specific audience.

Resources I work and collaborate with great people who place a high value on quality of workmanship. Anyone I mention or list as a potential resource for you knows what they’re doing. I wouldn’t stake my professional reputation on flakey flakes or people with crappy ethics.

Documentation. After our 45 minute session you’ll receive a PDF (via email) with actionable points to consider and hopefully act on that specific to what we talked about during the consultation. You can look up all of the free how-to’s you want online, and do, they’re helpful just not specific. But, it’s nothing like the specific advice you get when we talk about your project one-on-one.

“When it comes to articulating a visual brand from scratch, we want Vince every time."

Andrew Ledell, Chief Geek at TruthHacking

Who I work with (an incomplete list):

  • Lisa Nichols
  • Jennifer Kem
  • Nicole Roberts Jones
  • Lisa Fabrega
  • Dean Street Society
  • Betsy Cohen
  • Mashhur Anam
  • Allyson Byrd
  • TruthHacking
  • Colin Turner
  • Beth Cochran
  • KemComm
  • AKOS Web
  • Yellow Leaf Creative
  • Positive Element
  • Dr. Judy Hinojosa
  • Wired PR Group
  • Motivating The Masses

What we can talk about:

  • Strategic design for launching
  • Strategy, branding design, web design
  • Newsletter design (Mailchimp)
  • Social media marketing design

I only take a few of these per week. This is a great place to start or get another designer's point of view.

Book soon before the the time slots close!