Research and discovery

Learning and making connections in a project is the foundation for great design. I have to know your purpose, your goals and your audience no matter what the project is and so do you.


Design to solve a challenge

Design is not makeup, it’s here to help you solve a challenge. Whether it’s your website design, branding or even an illustration, you’re trying to say something and design can help make that ‘something’ clear to your audience.


Information Organization

Content needs to be digestible for the reader. If it isn’t, then the communication is lost and you don’t want that. Written content is important, I strive to elevate it and make it easier to understand by organizing it appropriately, but it has to pull it’s own weight.


A search for meaning

I don’t believe in meaningless graphics. Design elements are meant to support and digest information. Yes it does create a look and feel, but that comes out of this design that communicates and supports. Just pretty doesn’t cut it.


Striving for clarity

Communication is the objective. The point of design is good and clear communication, that’s why it graphic design also goes by the name of communication design. If it’s not contributing to the communication and deepening meaning, then it gets cut.



Rarely something is totally right the first time, even if it’s very close. The first pass at design, the first draft of an article, your first sketch, among other things, all of these usually need a revision or two to get it on point.


To know what you’re getting

For each and every project I spell out (in a legally binding agreement) what you will be getting from me and by when. This eliminates confusion and protects the both of us.


A Deposit Request

Yes, it’s true! When I provide a service for you, expect to receive an invoice for the fee that we agree upon at the start of the project. There are usually 2 as my payment terms are generally a 50% deposit to initiate a project and 50% 15 days after the project begins or at the completion of a project (if less than 15 days). This helps break the price up and helps both you and I budget our money better.