Doing The Work Will Get You There

Confession time. I can be a bit of an ease dropper (an inherited trait) and I always find what other people are doing is AWESOME! But, sometimes I need to reel myself into what I'm doing and focus. Do you ever find yourself getting way into what other people are doing? 

When you’re running your own business. Sometimes you can begin to focus on what everyone else is doing rather than on what you’re doing and what you should be doing.

That person is working on that awesome comprehensive website project they landed, another person is about to finish up an awesome full brand identity project, and one of your friends is making sales hand over fist with their custom illustrations… What are you doing while you sit and envy your colleagues? NOT A DAMN THING.

You’re putting all of your attention towards things you don’t have, that you don’t get to work on, contracts that you don’t have instead of the projects that you do have. Your clients deserve your full attention on their project, even if it’s not a super exciting one. You have a business to run and envy has no place in it. If you’re being envious, you’re void of gratitude.

Being grateful acts as a springboard that helps you climb higher. Use it.

Use it to do the best job you can do for your current clients. This requires doing the work. It requires you to put your head down, use your noodle, solve the problems set before you and deliver your work on time. All the while remaining connected to why you chose to do what you're doing and how you’re thankful for the things you’re working on. Yes, great businesses are built by striving to work with the best of the market you pursue, those ideal people you really want to work with. Good businesses are also built on delivering what you say you’ll deliver, on time. It’s tricky to maintain these two fields of vision at the same time (or at least alternating between them quickly and frequently).

Because you’re running your own business, you have to keep an eye on the future and an eye in the present and another eye on near upcoming things, a fourth eye on your friendships a fifth on your family… We need so many eyeballs. But, for right now, while you have these projects to do, zero in on the solutions. Make that wireframe sing solution after solution. Give that logo design the most perfect kerning (character spacing) you’ve ever done.

Do it! Do the work. It’s how you’re going to get to where you want to go.


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