Rocking Your Online Business With Cinemagraphs

You may know about these already, but they're so awesome, I had to make them the subject of this email. In case you don't know: A cinemagraph is a still photo in which one part of the photo is animated. Like this.

I saw them earlier in 2014 and then hadn’t seen them for a while. For an upcoming project we need some motion elements without using much video. I could use gifs, but it seems cinemagraphs have this sophistication that many gifs (as I know them) lack.

Note that cinemagraphs are saved in gif file format, but when I think of a gif, I think of something that has a clear distinction of beginning an end or cut as the gif loops.  Something rough and hilarious or cutesy.


 Source:  catleecious

Source: catleecious

The cutest cat ever! It's clearly in shock and thinks it's a monkey.

... and I'm back.

I knew cinemagraphs could be used on websites and social media sites, but I wasn’t sure about paid Facebook ads and Instagram posts. My upcoming project is going to utilize these platforms to drive traffic to the website.

 "I hate it when that happens" Source:  rcinemagraphs

"I hate it when that happens" Source: rcinemagraphs

As it turns out the answer is YES! According to an article by Garett Slone, a contributor for Ad Week, cinemagraphs will work as paid ads and promoted posts because Facebook and Instagram allow autoplay on their ads. This feature is needed for a cinemagraph to work appropriately. I mean, it wouldn’t be cool to have to click on a play button just to see Nina Garcia’s hair blowing in the wind, it should just automagically flit away.

Subtly animated cinemagraphs are practically hypnotic.
— - Garett Slone

I think there’s going to be a lot more of these being used to represent brands this year. Offering an evolution to beautiful professional photos, cinemagraphs a mesmerizing motion factor of a little motion. They're not loud like video, but they catch your attention like one. They're not visually loud like a gif (as we know them), they’re more refined and visually specific. Perfect for marketing campaigns, to pimp out your website, and just for fine crafted, nerdy fun.

   "Farewell..." Source:  rcinemagraphs

"Farewell..." Source: rcinemagraphs

— Vince