Staying In Action Wins

Do you have a lot on your plate? A lot of SHIT TO DO? You may… and I’m not going to tell you to get a bigger plate because I don’t how how big a plate you're running with now. I have a giant plate for one designer, I’m a freelancer, and this requires that I keep several active clients on any given work week, usually to the tune of 3-6 active projects at any one time.

There has been many times in the past where I’d look at the list of things I needed to get done that day or that week and just start to hyperventilate (not a healthy way to manage stress). This became a cycle for a while, I just felt this crushing paralysis, thankfully I had a lot of great people I was working with on those projects to help me get moving again.

Lately I’ve been going at a good clip, producing design for my clients brands and launches and sourcing new projects for when these current projects end. I haven’t hyperventilated in a long time and I’m attributing that to my mindset, how I’m approaching my work and also staying constant action. My thought as I’m working through all of these tasks and deliverables is that if I just keep moving most everything is going to pan out. As I keep moving forward finishing one thing, starting another and submitting another for approval, I feel good, better and better as I whip through things with high focus.

In order to do this I make sure the things that weigh on my mind during the day are taken care of before I get going. Things like, having clean clothes for the next day, packing my lunch, having food in the fridge and prepping it over the weekend so I can eat delicious homemade food throughout the week. Paying upcoming bills… anything that could weigh on my mind as I’m working. If these things are (mostly) taken care of, resentment stays at bay, knowing that I choose myself first over my work and over anyone else, quite frankly.

You may be saying, “Well, that might work for you, but I just have too much going on, I don’t even know where to start.” I hear you, and here’s how I get out of that situation. Write a damn list! A list to section things out day by day. Then focus only on what you need to do that day, don’t pay attention to anything else for the other days and avoid adding things to your list for that day unless it’s extremely important. Then GET MOVING!

One more tip: Off-load anything you can from your list (responsibly) and don’t apologize for it, because the stress is literally killing you slowly.

Do you have a tip for getting in and staying in action? Don’t keep it to yourself! Leave a comment and share it.


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