Stop Making Ugly Ass Sales Pages… Please?

A helpful rant about sales page design.

I’ll admit it. Sales pages aren’t about being pretty. They’re for selling things. But my purpose as a designer and an artist is to inform and delight people so...


   Source:    Reddit

Source: Reddit

Don’t get mad Charlie, we’re on it.

Make them functional and beautiful. Take the necessary components (according to Copyblogger writer, Dave Navarro)

  • Headlines that scream your value proposition and turn heads
  • Draw them in with the supporting paragraphs
  • Stories throughout that connect you to your potential client
  • Subheads that tap scrollers in the face (in a good way)
  • Social proof aka Testimonials
  • Specific examples of how the thing you're selling benefits people
  • Make the offer
  • A strong guarantee
  • A strong call to action to get visitors to buy


And make a sales page that sings (not literally… unless you are a singer). Make it so people will want to lay their eyes upon it. Make it easy for people to consume your writing. Make it interesting, use pictures, illustrations, videos and gifs to inject even more personality and clarity onto the page. After all if a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is worth two thousand and a video is worth a bazillion.  

But don’t clutter it up. Make it CRYSTAL CLEAR. Each section has a purpose, and they’re strategic.

Constrain your use of font’s to 1 or 2 and be intentional with font weight variations and the use of italics. These variations can add visual personality into the copy.

Keep all writing between 50 and 75 characters per line (CPL) for ultimate readability. This includes spaces and punctuation. It’s semi-scientific according to Christian Holst. Some people disagree with this, but you try reading a full page of super long lines and tell me if you don’t get a massive headache.

Don’t write a fucking book of a sales page. The more concise the better, just make sure it has the necessary components listed above.

  Source:    hello-cole

Source: hello-cole

Write how you talk. This isn’t college english Louise. Nuff said.

The call to action. It’s not necessarily always about the color of the call to action button (although it can be in some cases). A lot of it has to do with how different it is from it’s surrounding. Make sure your call to action and the button your visitor needs to click to buy stands out from the rest of the elements on the page. If your sales page uses a lot of green, make your call to action button a strong orange, if your sales page is all black, gray and white, choose a bright accent color for the call to action.

  Source:    Hubspot Blog

Source: Hubspot Blog

Use color strategically, no matter if you’re using the rainbow or a single color plus black and white.

If you’d like to learn more on the psychology of color in marketing and branding. Read this awesome article from Gregory Ciotti on the Help Scout blog.

Alright. Enough of my ranting.

Have a badass Tuesday!

Like when Alyson Hannigan walks down any street.

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Source: fairiedepp

— Vince